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Why Sponsored Content?

Emoticons_Sad_face Print is down. Banners are down.


Emoticons_Smile_face Niche is up. Mobile is up, way up.


emoticon_really_happySponsored stories, galleries and videos create emotional responses, which is (partly) why they have between 5x and 20x the engagement level of banner ads.


You used to know us…

as Tea Magazine.  Any questions?

Facts about our audience

Tea may be niche, but that doesn’t mean small – it has a dedicated audience and is growing fast – just Google it, if you must.  Since the beginning of the year (when we were Tea Magazine) we have reached over 30,000+ visits – that would be enough cups of tea to serve almost 2-sold out Lady Gaga concerts at Madison Square Garden.

Our audience likes tea.  But besides that obvious fact, here’s a few more:


  • Approximately 70% is female, 30% is male
  • Age range – currently the 35-44 and 45-54 age bracket is neck-and-neck at around 19% each, but the 25-34 age range is picking up speed and currently weighs in at 14% (source – Facebook Insights)
  • Average spend is $1m+ per month on tea and tea related products (source – 2013 Tea Magazine audience survey)
  • Almost 41% get their Tea on the go – that is, they are viewing the site on mobile and tablets (source: Google Analytics)


Location, location, location!










Total Audience Marketing

  • All of our sponsored content programs include social, and email campaigns
  • Promotion: We bring our email traffic to your content
  • Promotion: We bring our social audiences to your content
  • Development: Think articles, listicles, slideshows and videos – we can create them all for you
  • Shareableness: (It’s a word!) Shareableness is our ultimate goal thru emotional content
  • Print: What? Yes we still have print – our beautiful 150 page glossy guide hits the newsstands this November

Opportunities to be included in our printed 2015 Tea Guide are available – but the deadline is approaching fast!  Contact us today for more information.  To have your product included in the Handpicked section of the Guide, click here.

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