Like that old office poster reads, “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps.” And while none of us are officially certifiable, at least not yet, most of us do have have our idiosyncrasies. Christine swims with sharks and runs with zombies.  Dawn manages a band after hours and has been known to hunt a ghost or two. Graham is (still) building an animal proof vegetable garden. The speed at which Jamie, our voice of the Internet, can watch a season of television will shock, and maybe even scare you. Jacqueline, a self-proclaimed “calamity jane” and an avid baker on the quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, has an odd obsession with the color orange. Cem (“Gem”) drinks Turkish tea (well, he did grow up in Turkey, so that’s not exactly crazy). And then there’s Eileen — well, Eileen is that calm point in the center of a pool of ripples.

But on a serious note, we all share a passion for media and of course — tea. Here are our own personal tea stories:

(The Boss)Graham

I grew up in England, so you could say TEA is in my DNA. But it wasn’t so much my tea heritage that lead to The Daily Tea — partly it was business, and partly it was the experience of starting other media projects in Asia; if you do business in China, Taiwan or Japan, tea is omnipresent, and it doesn’t take too long to become a fan. These days, my day, every day starts religiously with a pot of some variety of black — currently I’m trying a variety of Keemun teas from China’s Qi Men district in Anhui province. Evening times, I revert to something non caffeinated, I particularly enjoy Rooibos w/ Lemon Myrtle, or just a plain Chamomile at the end of a tough day…


(Director of Content) Christine

Tea is in my blood. All kinds are running through my veins. For as long as I can remember, the teakettle was always on the stove waiting to fill the teapot with my mom’s favorite brews. As a kid, I grew to love black tea with lots of lemon, a flavor I still enjoy today. I can’t start my day unless I have a flavorful brew such as hibiscus lemon or a strong green tea. I love quirky tea ware with a story; I am a huge fan of brewing tea in my cast iron green dragonfly teapot- tea tastes so much better serves from cast iron!


(Audience Cultivation DirectorDawn

I have always loved tea, but it took me a while to move past the cup of basic black.  Now I savor a range of teas and have enjoyed learning more about the various blends and the culture behind the brew.  I have a baker’s rack at home that has 3 shelves dedicated to tea and tea ware (okay, mostly tea).  This amazes some people when they wander into my kitchen, but at least my friends never have to guess what I’d enjoy when it comes to a gift!


(Brand JournalistJamie

I grew up hating tea. My grandmother, who rivals the Dowager Countess in both snark and tea consumption, would shoo me and my cousins away from the TV so she could watch the news and drink her earl grey. That being said, today it is most definitely in my blood. As I grew up I found that tea was often the only remedy that would cure me. If I was tired, I would turn to tea way before I would brew coffee. If I was sick, the warmth would surely heal me. Even when I’m hungover, green tea does wonders. Tea also pairs perfectly with some of my other favorite things – TV, books, movies, and friends.


(Business DevelopmentCem

I was born in Austin, TX, but I grew up in Turkey so I can say that I grew up around Turkish Black Tea. Tea is part of our daily life in Turkey – we have it at breakfast, before lunch at the office, after lunch at the office (and of course during lunch!), then another round in the afternoon, and probably after dinner at home as well. It’s no wonder Turks consume a lot of tea! My tea knowledge beyond the delicious Turkish tea widened when I moved back to the USA in 2008, and it’s been a great journey. There is so much to learn and taste in this great tea world! I lived in NYC, Florida and have been residing in Philadelphia for the last 3 years. I am known to be the one asking questions all the time and challenging the norm, but hey, the more you ask, the more you’ll learn and the more you can help others, right? See, I just asked another question… Well, feel free to check out the site often to see what stories will follow up this intro about me in my quest to broaden my tea horizon.


(Audience Cultivation SpecialistJacqueline

As a member of the marketing team, I am actively involved in spreading the word about this wonderful beverage and, of course, The Daily Tea. I have only just begun my journey into the world of tea. My interest in tea began with  my love affair with literature and pop culture. Tea makes repeat appearances in many of my favs,  such as Jane Austen, Doctor Who, C.S. Lewis, Sherlock, and Downton Abbey. Being a novice, I tend to like more fruity herbals or tisanes with a touch of raw honey.


(Admin Manager) Eileen

“I think it’s time for tea.” Ever since I was a very little girl, these words were uttered by my Grandmother on every visit to her house. It was our special time together, hers – lemon and honey, mine – milk and sugar. She started my love for tea, and still, to this day, I begin my day the same way all these years later. My methods of making my tea and the varieties of tea that I now drink have certainly expanded, thanks to working at The Daily Tea. Sometimes I feel like Dorothy in Oz. ‘Eileen, this is not your grandmother’s tea anymore.’ But give me a good cup of robust black tea (and yes, I still sometimes add milk and sugar), and once again, there’s no place like home.


(Supervisor – someone has to keep The Daily Tea Team in lineOscar

I was born in a barn in Missouri, about 5 years ago – that much I can remember. No-one is exactly sure when, the dates are lost in history, because I now live in Pennsylvania. Legend has it that I’m a bit of an escape artist, which lead to me becoming a hobo for a few months across the southern counties of Missouri until I was finally picked up by the fuzz for loitering with intent to demolish an abandoned cheeseburger (with fries). Anyhoo, that lead to a few months in the pound, which included a very strange dream, from which I woke up with a bandage around my butt! I still haven’t figured that one out, but I do bark a little higher these days. Well the next thing I knew we were going on a road trip, me and this great bunch of guys – 3 days across Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia and finally Pennsylvania – yeah! What a beautiful land! But I was starting to get a little bored on the third day – but guess what was there when we finally arrived – a family! Oscar…favorite tea – Bovril. – X